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Claudine’s Hair Salon – About Us (okay, about me, really)

Claudine’s Salon opened on June 21, 2002. This was the fulfillment of a dream to work in and provide a salon environment of comfort and fun, while keeping up with the latest and greatest in technique and technology, thereby providing excellent services designed to exceed your greatest expectations. While owning and running a large salon was great for awhile, I believe that you’ll thoroughly enjoy the intimacy and coziness of the new downsized location.

Your time at Claudine’s should be as pleasant as possible, and taking your input to heart as to what you want in a salon resulted in an ambiance of privacy, punctuality, pleasant background music, quality beverage choices, not having children present, and, obviously, providing great hairstyling.

So far, so good.

You’ll be pleased to find the focus in the salon exclusively on hair services, ensuring professionalism and expertise. Here you have options unavailable at many salons in the area, such as Thermal Straightening/Restructuring and Hair Extension services. To stay up to date and capable of handling new styles, trends, products and techniques, classes and specialized training are regularly attended.

About Claudine DeCarlisle

Claudine DeCarlisle

Claudine DeCarlisle

I’ve been doing hair and make-up professionally for more than twenty-one years. Actually, I’ve been doing hair and make-up since I was nine, but then only for Barbies and my sister. I’ve learned a lot since then, working in several salons in the Tri-Valley area, as well as being a salon owner. I have enjoyed styling hair and wigs and doing make-up for various local operatic and theatrical performances. My hairstyling and make-up work has been on the cover of, and in, several national magazines, and I did hair and make-up on a film made in 1998. I am currently the Make-up artist and Hairstylist on a sketch comedy show being filmed locally. I decided to continue on as the Make-up artist for the show, instead of doing hair, once they find another hairstylist, as I’m pleased to find that I really enjoy the challenges and the change that brings to me, as I continue to do all aspects of hair styling in my salon. Due to a mad drive to improve my skills, I have a stack of certifications from many classes and workshops, and was an Educator, teaching hair cutting techniques to stylists, for a major product company.

A Livermore resident for more than twenty-eight years now, I’m happy to start each day working in my own little space, knowing that I’ll see long time clients who have become friends, and getting to experience the joy of sending people off to a job interview, an acting audition, a reunion, a wedding, or even just home for the afternoon, assured that they love their appearance and that this contributes to their confidence and overall sense of well-being. There is a lot of instant gratification in this career. There’s also a lot of creativity, excitement, fun, and intimacy. I feel honored to be trusted with people’s appearance, and I believe that it shows in the care, time, and attention I give to my clients.

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